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  • Aristo acquittal appealed

    Aristo acquittal appealed

    An appeal against the court decision to clear Theodoros Aristodemou, the founder of Aristo Developers and former chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, has been filed at the Supreme Court by the state.

  • Immovable Property Tax 1980 values

    Immovable Property Tax 1980 values

    The Cyprus government has decided that 2015’s Immovable Property Tax will be calculated on 1980 values and that the charges levied by municipalities and communities will remain the same as last year.

  • Reduced property transfer fees

    Reduced property transfer fees

    The law reducing the Cyprus Property Transfer Fees for transfers that take place before 31 December 2016 has been published and will be particularly welcomed by those who paid VAT on their purchase.

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  • Insolvency service ‘inundated'

    Insolvency service ‘inundated’

    The newly established Insolvency Service, which was set up by the Cyprus government as part of the insolvency framework agreed with the troika, has been inundated with requests for information...
  • Aphrodite Hills sold

    Aphrodite Hills sold

    The Bank of Cyprus has finalised the sale of its share in the Aphrodite Hills Limited at Kouklia, in which it acquired a 75 per cent shareholding in 2014 as part of its management of large exposures...
  • Lawyers complicit in Title Deeds scandal

    Lawyers complicit in Title Deeds scandal

    As the Cyprus Property Action Group discovered much of the blame for the Title Deed scandal rests with conveyancing lawyers whose duplicity earned them their designation as one of the largest criminal classes in Cyprus...
  • Building extensions amnesty slammed

    Building extensions amnesty slammed

    Opposition parties have slammed the new measures to legalise formerly illegal building extensions announced by the cabinet yesterday claiming that they give favourable treatment to property developers...

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