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  • Property sales up 44 per cent

    Property sales up 44 per cent

    The number of properties sold in Cyprus during September rose by 44 per cent compared to September 2015 according to the latest official figures published by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

  • Developer fined for misleading home buyers

    Developer fined for misleading home buyers

    Pafilia Cyprus Property Developers has been fined €100,000 for mis-leading home buyers in a case that focused on the commercial practices that the company used in 2007 when selling apartments to them.

  • Court bans banks foreclosing

    Court bans banks foreclosing

    The Larnaca District Court has banned banks from foreclosing on properties used as collateral for loans for which courts gave the go ahead before the new foreclosure law came in effect last year.

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  • Nicosia protest against foreclosures

    Nicosia protest against foreclosures

    A protest outside the presidential palace in Nicosia against foreclosures of primary residences and business premises passed without incident on Thursday with the demonstrators dispersing by around 6pm...
  • Troika: reforms must accelerate

    Troika: reforms must accelerate

    Following the troika's recent mission to the island, the ECB and EC have urged Cyprus to accelerate the reform programme in a number of key areas including setting up a sustainable and efficient title deeds transfer system...
  • Gary Robb ordered to pay £1.6m tax

    Gary Robb ordered to pay £1.6m tax

    Convicted fraudster Gary Robb who was forced to repay more than £1m to victims of a property scam has now been ordered to pay £1.6m in tax on his illicit earnings from drug dealing...

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