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  • Insolvency framework bills passed

    Insolvency framework bills passed

    After the usual shenanigans we’ve come to expect from opposition parties and endless debates, the five bills comprising the insolvency framework were passed by a plenary session of parliament earlier today.

  • Home repossession ban extended

    Home repossession ban extended

    Parliament passed a bill by the slimmest of majorities to extend the ban on repossessing homes whose purchasers have no Title Deeds even though they may have paid for them in full.

  • Valuation appeal deadline approaching

    Valuation appeal deadline approaching

    The deadline for Cyprus property owners to appeal the Land Registry’s property valuation and correct any other mistakes expires on April 24, the Interior Ministry said in an announcement.

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  • US firm wants Cyprus casino licence

    US firm wants Cyprus casino licence

    Beverly Hills-based company Realty Group International (RGI) is seeking casino operators and investors to purchase land to build a 'super casino' in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus...
  • Insolvency framework vote next week

    Insolvency framework vote next week

    The Cyprus News Agency has reported that a plenary session of parliament will convene next week to discuss and vote on the insolvency framework while President Anastasiades is in Athens...
  • Pledge to protect paid-up buyers

    Pledge to protect paid-up buyers

    Following President Anastasiades rejection of the 'home buyers protection bill' the Interior Minister has instructed the House of Representatives to draft a bill to protect paid-up buyers from repossession...
  • President abandons home buyers

    President abandons home buyers

    In a move that many consider will destroy the island's property market, President Anastasiades has rejected the 'home buyers' protection bill' passed by Parliament on 19th March...

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