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Warning to Cyprus Home Buyers

It has come to my attention that everyone in Cyprus is now talking of property investment and what a great investment it is. A number of people honestly believe that the prices of houses/flats are still low and that they will continue to rise.

I am personally tired of hearing this nonsense and feel sorry for the poor British souls ‘investing’ their life savings thinking they have just purchased a bargain. British property buyers please note:

I know a lot of letters will come in probably from developers, real estate agents, etc, condemning my letter and justifying what I mentioned above in an attempt to defend themselves, but my above points are facts and we all know it.

The sooner we face these facts and try and improve the industry the better for all of us.

Instead, I believe things will remain as they are, prices will inflate a little more and soon we will witness the bubble bursting just as we have seen with the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

It’s funny how convincing people can be insisting that housing prices in Cyprus will continue increasing and that they will be no decrease just stabilisation… please wake up and smell the coffee.

V. Demetriou,
Ayia Napa