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Buying Property in Cyprus – What to Buy?

Whether buyers are looking for new or resale property in Cyprus, the choice and price range seem almost endless. In recent months I’ve seen properties advertised for as little as 20,000 and as much as 4,000,000! The majority of expatriates buying property in Cyprus will buy ‘off-plan’ from one of the many property development companies. […]

Commonly Owned Buildings

According to law, housing complexes comprising five or more units are required to have an Management Committee that regulates and manages relevant affairs. This includes the insurance of the common parts of the complex (entrance halls, swimming pools, stairwells etc) as well as their maintenance and repair.

Cyprus Home Prices Slightly Up in February 2007

In February, home selling prices in Cyprus recorded a marginal increase of 0.3% over the previous month. The BuySell Home Price Index reached 120.14, bringing the average home price to £ 93,598. The company started to produce its property price index in 2004. It shows the movement of prices at which residential properties in Cyprus […]

Cyprus Estate Agents

When buying property in Cyprus, you will invariably come into contact with the odd ‘crook’ who will try to relieve you of your money. Approved by parliament at the end of 2004, the new Estate Agents’ Law was designed to protect property buyers from these rogues and conmen. Unfortunately, the law has proved ineffective and […]

Planning Permission and Building Permits

Anyone who has dealt with the authorities in Cyprus will appreciate the paperwork and bureaucratic processes involved. But did you know that as many as 10 different permits from various local & central Government authorities may be required before a property can be legally built, owned and lived in! You may also be surprised to […]

Selling your property in Cyprus

In previous articles I’ve stressed the need for buyers to take independent legal advice when buying property in Cyprus. Unfortunately, many buyers fail to heed the advice and end up with all sorts of problems, one of which I discuss in this article. But even assuming that they’ve taken independent legal advice, buyers do not […]

The Church says it will finish our homes but the big question is when?

RESIDENTS of a Paphos development who have been waiting for their title deeds for over ten years have cast doubt over Church claims that they will be ready by the end of the year. The Interior Ministry has instigated proceedings against the Ayios Pavlos Church, accusing the institution of failing to obtain a completion certificate […]

Predictions – Cyprus Property Market 2007

  We wish we had a God sent talent to predict “dead right” the developments in the Cyprus real estate market for the year 2007. We can only submit our predictions based on our under experience, especially with regard to the year 2006 bearing in mind the trends that exist. We welcome any other opinions […]

Buying Mortgaged Property in Cyprus

Question I am in the process of buying an off-plan Cyprus property from a developer and the lawyer acting on my behalf has advised me that: “The bank which has a mortgage on the project will issue a declaration confirming that the separate Title Deed issued for the property will not be burdened with the […]

Is It Possible – £3,000/

Where are the property prices going dear readers? Are we aiming for the equivalent of the Kolonaki area in Athens, the Marble Arch in London, or even the N. York’s Central Park? We have noted in the past the fast rising of prices in property, but in this article we would like to concentrate on […]

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