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Half a million visit Cyprus property news

I NEVER imagined when I launched the magazine in May 2008 that it would turn out to be quite so popular. I would like to thank all of you who have made it the most popular Cyprus property information web site on the Internet.

Half a million is nothing like the number of visitors achieved by the likes of Google, Facebook and YouTube. But for a small, independent website with no paid staff or budget focusing on a very small niche market, it is quite an achievement to be listed in the Google Top 10.

Nearly half of our visitors find us while searching the Internet, while a further third reach us from other websites that link to us.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most searched for name in our database since the start of the year has been “Orams”, which has accounted for 81% of all new visitors to our site since then.

Since it first appeared, the magazine has undergone two major facelifts and some minor adjustments designed to improve our readers’ experience. And we are gradually adding more features and facilities, such as the ability for visitors to comment on the articles we publish that we introduced yesterday.


Our next target is to achieve a million visitors by the end of this year.