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Cyprus Bar Association to mull over landmark ruling

THE CYPRUS Bar Association will meet next week to discuss the implications of the first ever case of compensation awarded for a lawyer’s negligence by the Supreme Court last month.

Bar Association President Doros Ioannides said yesterday the association would meet on May 13 to decide what position to take on the matter. On April 21, the Supreme Court ruled that Paphos lawyer Nicos Papacleovoulou had negligently carried out his duties on behalf of a British couple in a property transaction in 1999. The top court ordered the lawyer to pay €120,000 to the couple for money lost as a result of the transaction.

Ioannides noted this was the first ever case involving a lawyer’s negligence and needed further examination by the association. It also marks a precedent in that a lawyer agreed to represent clients suing another lawyer for the first time while in its ruling, the Supreme Court laid down, again for the first time, the duties and obligations of a lawyer in property transactions.

The judgement has ruffled a few feathers in the legal profession as lawyers who dabbled in unsafe practices in the past, particularly regarding searches in property transactions, are now liable to similar charges of negligence.

Cyprus Bar Association to mull over landmark ruling