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Overseas investors taking more interest in Cyprus

CYPRUS’ popularity as a destination for overseas property investors has increased according to the October ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by themovechannel.com, which looks at the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.

The most popular investment destination for overseas property investors in October was Spain, with the USA in second place. These were followed by France and Portugal, in third and fourth places, followed by Italy, Turkey and Cyprus. The remaining three places are taken by Thailand, Bulgaria and Brazil.

The full breakdown of the Top 40 from TheMoveChannel.com is as follows:

2USA9.27Up 2
3France7.93Down 1
4Portugal6.86Down 1
6Turkey4.07Up 1
7Cyprus3.65Up 4
8Thailand3.17Up 7
9Bulgaria2.77Down 3
10Brazil2.67Down 2
11Greece2.33Up 1
12Malta2.23Up 2
13Barbados2.02Up 4
14Germany2.02Down 4
15Morocco1.84Down 6
16Egypt1.66Up 3
17Cape Verde1.61Up 4
18Poland1.19Up 2
19India1.01Down 3
20Switzerland1.01Up 7
21Hungary0.96Up 2
22Cayman Islands0.95Non-mover
23UAE0.95Up 5
24Croatia0.8Down 6
25Canada0.8Down 12
26Slovenia0.74Down 1
27Mexico0.68Up 13
28Australia0.49Down 4
29St Lucia0.43Down 3
30Jamaica0.41Up 1
31Indonesia0.38Down 1
32Montenegro0.35Down 3
33Malaysia0.2Up 8
34Austria0.19Up 2
35St Vincent and Grenadines0.19
36Albania0.18Down 1
40Philippines0.15Down 1