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Cyprus’ popularity slips two places

CYPRUS’ popularity as a destination for overseas property investors has slipped two places according to the November ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by themovechannel.com, which looks at the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.

The most popular destination for overseas property investors in November was the USA, with Spain in second place. France and Portugal came in third and fourth, followed by Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria and Turkey, with Cyprus and Greece coming in at numbers nine and ten respectively.

The full breakdown of the Top 40 from TheMoveChannel.com is as follows:

1USA16.28Up 1
2Spain15.63Down 1
6Brazil4.49Up 4
7Bulgaria3.62Up 2
8Turkey2.63Down 2
9Cyprus2.39Down 2
10Greece2.04Up 1
11Cayman Islands1.83Up 11
12Cape Verde1.8Up 5
15Thailand1.54Down 7
16Malta1.41Down 4
17Poland1.26Up 1
18India1.18Up 1
19Morocco1.17Down 4
20UAE1.13Up 3
21Croatia0.95Up 3
22Canada0.94Up 3
23Egypt0.77Down 7
24St Lucia0.75Up 5
25Montenegro0.57Up 7
26Czech Republic0.53Up 21
27Hungary0.51Down 6
28Indonesia0.49Up 3
29Philippines0.47Up 11
30Mexico0.43Down 3
31Belize0.42Up 8
32Australia0.36Down 4
33Jamaica0.31Down 3
34Slovenia0.3Down 8
35Switzerland0.29Down 15
36Romania0.22Up 12
38Saudi Arabia0.14
39Malaysia0.12Down 6
40Dominican Republic0.12

Worst property markets of 2011

AN article published in the Overseas Property Professional lists the five worst places in which to invest according to Colordarcy’s managing director, Loxley McKenzie.

Cyprus comes in at number two behind the ‘number one disaster zone’, Ireland.

Even though the island is “a long-time favourite with British investors, even its biggest advocates are losing interest,” says McKenzie. “A stagnant economy and its vulnerability to the Greek crisis with two of its largest banks exposed to a total of €5 billion really doesn’t bode well.”

Cyprus is followed by Greece, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

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