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Department of Land and Surveys Citizens Charter

THE Department of Lands and Surveys provides services related to immovable property in Cyprus, including land surveying, cartography, registration, transfer and mortgage of property and the ownership of land.

Amongst other aspects, the latest issue of the Department’s ‘Citizen’s Charter’ published earlier this month, contains information about ‘The Sale of Land (Specific Performance) Law No. 81(I)/2011’ that came into force on 1st August 2011. This includes details of “Vesting Contracts” by which a property that has yet to be issued with its Title Deed may be sold without the involvement of its registered owner.

“Vesting Contracts” overcome the problems whereby unscrupulous developers demand outrageous sums of money from those wishing to sell a property before its Title Deed has been issued.

The latest issue of the ‘Citizen’s Charter’ advises potential buyers to proceed with a lot of caution and provides a checklist to help them avoid some of the more obvious pitfalls.

Download the Department of Lands and Surveys ‘Citizen’s Charter’ (87 pages).

Note that the information contained in the Charter does not constitute full and detailed interpretation of any Laws or Regulations. For more information, you are advised to contact the Lands Offices in each District, or the Department of Lands and Surveys website.