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Cyprus ranked in top 10 countries

Cyprus has moved up into the top ten countries for those seeking out investments in overseas property according to the latest ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by the

CYPRUS has moved up into the number nine position in the July issue of the ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by the earlier this month.

Spain retained its number one spot accounting for nearly one-fifth of buyer enquiries, while the USA remained strong in second place. France and Portugal came in third and fourth, followed by Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Bulgaria, with Cyprus and Croatia at numbers nine and ten respectively.

The full breakdown of the July 2012 Top of the Props chart is as follows:

8Bulgaria2.57Up 10
9Cyprus2.44Up 2
10Croatia2.18Up 4
11Greece2.14Down 3
12Malta1.97Down 2
13Thailand1.53Up 6
14Cape Verde1.38Down 1
15Germany1.31Down 6
16Canada1.23Down 1
18St Lucia0.95Down 6
19Hungary0.92Up 2
20Cayman Islands0.71Down 4
21India0.67Up 3
22Poland0.54Up 5
23Egypt0.48Down 3
24UAE0.46Down 1
25Switzerland0.45Up 1
26Montenegro0.45Down 4
27St Kitts and Nevis0.42Up 5
28Morocco0.39Down 3
29Mexico0.28Down 1
31Grenada0.21Up 14
32St Vincent and Grenadines0.19Down 2
33New Zealand0.16Up 5
34Jamaica0.13Down 1
35Philippines0.12Up 1
36Indonesia0.12Down 7
38Romania0.11Down 1
40Slovenia0.09Down 9 is an overseas property search portal and its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in more than 100 countries around the world.

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  • petrocelli says:

    This is unbelievable! Until that is you look at how the table is produced. It is not based on actual sales but on searches carried out on the website.

    It is interesting also that Bulgaria is still placed above Cyprus!! Another country where dodgy practices were exposed a number of years back.

    I agree with Andrew….watch out for Syria or maybe Afghansitan in mext month’s table!

  • Andrew says:

    Using the same judging criteria, I suspect Syria will enter the top ten next year.

  • Frank says:

    Ah! Just one place behind Bulgaria!

  • Maxwell Hannah says:

    Peter, I agree with you, Cyprus can solve all these Problems and be No 1 spot, just stop being corrupt in almost every thing, give People their Title Deeds, collect the money and Hey Presto as they say,

  • Curmudgen says:

    It is perceived that Cyprus rose by two places but note they were elevated by others dropping down.

    I conclude nothing has changed.

  • Mike says:

    A friend and neighbour steered clear of Cyprus (his original preference) due to adverse publicity and opted to invest in St Vincent against my advice. Lo and behold they have not built his place which is now a year overdue with from what he tells me no immediate resolution in sight. Is there a common denominator in sales to foreigners I wonder.

  • Gavin Jones says:


    …and CONTINUES to “shoot itself in the foot.”

  • Robert Briggs says:

    I find this hard to believe.

  • Peter G Davis says:

    And it could have been number one if it hadn’t shot itself in the foot with dodgy dealings involving developers, bankers and lawyers.

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