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Vehicles seized in land payment row

BAILIFFS seized several state-owned vehicles in Paphos on Tuesday following writs filed by owners of land appropriated for the Paphos/Polis highway extension who claim they have not been paid for their land.

The bailiffs took three vehicles belonging to the Paphos Public Works Department, two more from the Land Registry and the Forestry departments, while two cars were seized from the Electro-Mechanical Service Department.

The vehicles were transferred to a fenced-off area at the Paphos District Court and could be auctioned off unless the debts are settled.

Due to the appalling state of the state’s finances, the government is looking to downsize or cancel non-urgent projects and return expropriated land to its owners, providing they haven’t been paid.

Land that was appropriated for various public projects, including the Paphos-Polis highway extension and the Pentakomo Technological Park and it has been estimated that the state owes around €570 million to various landowners.

The government appropriated the land for the highway extension in 2006.