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Why is the EU withholding information?

SIR GRAHAM Watson, MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, recently asked a question in the European Parliament concerning the Secretary-General’s refusal to provide ‘Person X’ with documents relating to immovable property in Cyprus.

Question for written answer E-008346/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Sir Graham Watson (ALDE)

Subject: Access to documents in EU-Cypriot case concerning immovable property in Cyprus

Person X applied to the Secretary-General of the Commission on 16 July 2012 for access to certain documents related to the correspondence that has taken place between the Commission and the Cypriot authorities since 2011 concerning immovable property in Cyprus.

He had previously requested these documents from Vice-President Reding, but had been informed that her DG could not supply these documents because pre-infringement proceedings had been initiated against Cyprus: however, Person X could apply to the Secretary-General of the Commission for them.

However, in response to his application to the Secretary-General, Person X has now received a letter refusing his application and stating that disclosure of the documents could jeopardise the on-going search for an amicable solution to the dispute.

Can the Commission provide fuller information as to why Person X is unable to access the requested documents?

Who is Person X and why is the EU withholding information?