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Armou families dealt another blow

Cyprus electricity
HOMEOWNERS at a stricken development in Armou in Paphos were dealt another blow yesterday as they were informed that electricity supplies to their homes were due to be switched off.

The news comes a day after official notices were placed on the substandard homes that they were unfit to live in.

Louise Zambartas, lawyer for one of the homeowners, Simon Phillips, told the Cyprus Mail that the Paphos District office had confirmed that the Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) would be cutting off the power supply to all of the homes, making it impossible for the families to remain there.

Resident Simon Phillips told the Cyprus Mail: “We have nowhere else to go, my two children are terrified that we won’t have a roof over our heads and even if we wanted to stay in our home, we will no longer be able to do that as we won’t have any electricity.”

Phillips and his wife Jen are permanent residents and bought their house outright. They don’t have the money to move. With Christmas looming, the family now faces the prospect of homelessness.

“We don’t pay a mortgage or rent and so these expenses are not factored into our earnings,” Phillips said. “It would be impossible for us to pay for somewhere to live but somehow, we have to ensure we have a home for our two young children. Nobody should have to go through what we all have to suffer. I keep hoping I will wake up and it will have all been a bad dream.”

Zambartas said: “The district office hasn’t said if they will help to re-home the Phillips family or not. As instructed by them, we have written a letter to the man who signed the notices requesting assistance for the Phillips family. This is a dreadful situation for our client and his family.”

The homeowners were left in a state of shock and confusion on Tuesday after a representative of the Paphos district office placed notices on all of the houses informing them that they were unfit to live in. The notice states the decree shall remain in force until such time as repair works deemed necessary by the District Officer are carried out.

All of the houses, which were only built in 2004, have serious structural problems, from slanting floors, to the partial collapse of stairs, walls, swimming pools and patio areas. Outside drains are exposed in one garden and retaining walls have split.