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Corruption in Cyprus at all levels says former minister

Cyprus’ former finance minister, Charilaos Stavrakis, has said that Cyprus is a small country and one can see that some people who entered politics poor have subsequently become very rich.

Transfer of development rights to be aided by new bill

Proposals designed to assist those whose properties are located in environmentally protected areas or that have been affected by public works involve transferring their development rights to another property.

Cyprus construction output falls 17 percent

Construction output in Cyprus experienced one of the highest falls in the 27 EU member states during the third quarter of 2011 and prospects for improvements in the short-term are not favourable.

Free tickets to ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ at Earls Court

Complimentary tickets are now available to ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ overseas property exhibition at Earls Court in London that will include sessions on buying property in Cyprus and many other destinations.

Casino revenues could help fill government coffers

The Finance Ministry has prepared a proposal for licensing a number of high-quality casinos in Cyprus, according to documents presented by the Greek-language newspaper Politis.

Striking construction workers threaten further action

The Valentine’s Day strike by workers in the Cyprus construction industry went ahead as planned with the strikers threatening to visit construction sites today to ensure there are no subcontractors working.

Slowdown in the Cyprus construction sector continues

Figures released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT) earlier today reveal that the slowdown in the Island’s construction sector is continuing and is showing no signs of a recovery in the near future.

Residents in hot water over swimming pool regulations

A group of residents in Kato Paphos are demanding that the Cyprus laws on private swimming pools are updated after their passports were temporarily confiscated over non-compliance with regulations.

European Commission replies to property complaints

The Civil Justice Directorate of the European Commission has replied to numerous letters of complaint it has received concerning Cyprus property developers and unfair commercial practices.

When will the government protect property buyers?

A British buyer asks the Cyprus government when is it going to enforce existing legislation designed to protect the rights of those buying property and take action to pursue the guilty parties?

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