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Bailiffs fail to seize ministers’ cars

ACTING on court writs, bailiffs went to the Ministry of Finance earlier today to confiscate the Minister’s car for unpaid compensation to owners of land that was expropriated by the state some years ago.

The value of the land is said to be worth €15 million.

The bailiffs also tried to confiscate the car of the Minister of Commerce who went to the finance ministry for a meeting. However, they were prevented from seizing the vehicle by the Minister’s driver who parked the car in the ministry’s underground car park and closed the doors.

Commerce Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis said that the attempt to seize his official car was unacceptable; other government ministers complained that the incident had been orchestrated for electoral reasons.

This was the second time that court bailiffs have acted on court writs ordering the confiscation of government property for unpaid debts. Several weeks ago bailiffs confiscated government owned cars and other property in Paphos, but their effort to sell them at an auction was stopped by the Attorney General at the last minute.