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Free tickets to ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ at the NEC

Channel 4 viewers may qualify for free tickets to this autumn’s ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ overseas property exhibition that is being held at the NEC in Birmingham on the 27th to 29th September 2013.

Amanda Lamb, Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman

Amanda Lamb, Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman

A PLACE in the Sun Live is the UK’s largest and best attended overseas property exhibition and will next take place at the NEC in Birmingham 27th-29th September 2013.

All the popular property buying destinations will be covered, with houses, villas and apartments for sale in all the popular areas of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Florida plus many more – so if you’re considering buying a holiday home or an investment property abroad, then a trip to A Place in the Sun Live is an absolute must.

As well as the chance to meet property agents from all over the world face-to-face, where you can get to know them and ask them any burning questions you have, you can also pop along to as many of the free-to-attend Q&A sessions with industry experts as you can squeeze in and meet the presenters of the TV show Amanda Lamb, Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton.

Advance tickets usually cost £10 each, but those who have been using the 4homes area of the Channel 4 website, may attend the exhibition FOR FREE!

Click here to get your Free tickets to A Place in the Sun Live.

NOTE – in its guide to buying a property in Cyprus, A Place in the Sun Live issues the following advice:

Buyer beware

There are two main issues in Cyprus, both involving title. The first relates to the ownership of properties in northern Cyprus – held by Turkey since 1974. Prices are cheaper there, but the former Greek Cypriot owners still claim much of the property and any purchase there is risky – whatever agents tell you.

The second issue is with the slow issuance of title deeds in southern Cyprus, combined with some dubious dealings by developers there in recent years, which makes proving clean title essential. Although the authorities have made steps to expedite the whole process, the situation has historically been that it has taken years for owners to get their title deeds following purchases or new building. So some buyers are, rightly, very reluctant to buy without them.

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  • andyp says:

    This warning is really not good enough and should highlight why deeds are not issued in many cases-

    Unpaid/unserviced developer mortgages on “sold” properties potentially leaving the new “buyer” responsible for same.

    Planning and building regulation infringements by developers which the new “buyer” will ultimately be responsible for resolving at their own expense.

    And lets not mention the lawyers and their trade union, The CBA.

  • jon frazer says:

    ….”although the authorities have made steps to expedite the whole process”…
    Really? Wonderful news!

  • Robert Briggs says:

    At last these Place in the Sun people are now finally getting the message, regarding the Cyprus Title Deeds scandals.

    To Conor and the Team, keep hammering this message home at this exhibition. RB.

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