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Cyprus fifteenth in Top of the Props

Cyprus slipped four places in last month’s Top of the Props chart published by the which records the most searched for overseas destinations to buy property.

CYPRUS slipped four places down to number fifteen in the February 2014 edition of the ‘Top of the Props’ published by the property portal, accounting for 0.88% of on-line searches on the property portal.

According to the portal, USA remains the most popular real estate market, accounting for more than one in five (21.07%) of all enquiries. This is the eighth month in a row that America has held its number one position and the country’s highest level of activity since November 2013, when it received 30.99% of enquiries.

Demand also rose for French property in February, overtaking Spanish property for only the second time since Top of the Props records began in 2011.

The remainder of the top five remained unchanged, with Portugal in fourth place Brazil in fifth.

Canada moved up one place to number six and Turkey moved up two places to take the number seven spot.

Australia was a surprise new entry with a tenfold increase in enquires over the previous month moving it up twenty-five places into the number eight position.

Italy moved up one place into number nine, while renewed demand for Bulgaria returned the country to tenth place.

The full breakdown of the February 2014 edition of the Top of the Props chart is as follows:

Share (%age)
1USA21.07No change
2France8.06Up 1
3Spain5.1Down 1
4Portugal4.54No change
5Brazil3.29No change
6Canada2.54Up 1
7Turkey2.09Up 2
8Australia1.92Up 25
9Italy1.71Up 1
10Bulgaria1.62Up 5
11Thailand1.51Down 3
12Bahamas1.14Down 6
13Barbados1.06Up 1
14India0.98Down 2
15Cyprus0.88Down 4
16Greece0.81Up 2
17Germany0.78Down 4
18Poland0.78Up 6
19Hungary0.74Down 2
20UAE0.45Down 4
21Cape Verde0.42Up 10
22Cayman Islands0.36Up 7
23Egypt0.35Up 2
24Croatia0.35Down 3
25Malta0.34Up 7
26Belize0.32Up 10
27Northern Cyprus0.26No change
28Iran0.24No change
29St Lucia0.24Down 2
30Dominican Republic0.23Up 12
31Gibraltar0.22Down 3
32Panama0.22Up 2
33Montenegro0.21No change
34Pakistan0.19Down 8
35Jamaica0.16Up 5
36Romania0.16Up 8
37Ecuador0.13Down 14
38St Vincent and Grenadines0.13Up 8
39The Bahamas0.12No change
40New Zealand0.12No change

Founded in 1999, is the leading independent website for international property, with than 400,000 listings in over 100 countries around the world, marketed on behalf of agents, developers and private owners.

Its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.

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