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Cyprus property valuations now online

property-valuesAS PART of Cyprus’ bailout agreement with the troika, Cyprus completed the revaluation of some half a million properties in June. Although it was planned that Immovable Property Tax for 2014 would be levied based on the up-to-date values, the draft bill was wrecked.

This article has been superseded by ‘Online Property Valuations Revisited

However, the revised property valuations are now available on-line at the Department of Lands and Surveys website. To find the up-to-date valuation for your property you will need to have either (i) its Title Deed or (ii) information about its location provided by your developer/vendor.

Proceed as follows:

1. Click on Select area and hover your mouse over the District in which the property is located and select the Municipality/Village and the Quarter (if any) from the fly-out menu.

2. Click on the Advanced tab and use the drop-down menus to select the Sheet, Plan, Block and Parcel. (Refer to this diagram to see where to find the relevant fields on your Title Deed.)

(Note, if you have an ‘old’ white Title Deed, some of these fields may be in Roman numerals – convert there to Arabic numerals. E.g. XIII converts to 13.)

Note. the website uses Microsoft Silverlight and on your first visit you may be prompted to install it and restart your web browser.

Note. The geographic data of the Department of Lands and Surveys, compared to the information provided on the maps and/or the satellite images provided by “Google Earth” and “Google Map”, are possibly different, due to different geographic projections. A maximum deviation of about 5 meters has been observed. This issue is being followed up closely in collaboration with the company and will hopefully be resolved soon.

Further reading

Further instructions may be found in the Parcel Search Application Instructions (published by the Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys)