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Cyprus anti-corruption hotline

property corruptionTRANSPARENCY International (TI-C) officially launched its Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre in Cyprus – ‘I Demand Transparency’ at a press conference yesterday.

‘I Demand Transparency’ will open its ant-graft hotline on 2nd October to receive complaints from victims and witnesses of corruption and, with the aid of the TI-C legal team, will aim to guide and support them.

Nicolas Nicolaides, TI-C’s Executive Manager noted that “In the last survey conducted during August and September 2014, 74% of those surveyed felt they were prepared to condemn cases of corruption.”

A damning EU Commission report on the attitude of Europeans towards corruption published in 2010 revealed that a staggering 94% of respondents considered that corruption in Cyprus was widespread in the police and the wider public sector.

Asked how this corruption manifested, 54% of Cypriots agreed that many appointments in public administration were not attained through merit. Many also felt that corruption was a daily part of life where 30% was in agreement.

Some 40% believe laws were not being enforced, while 43% think there is no real punishment for the lack of enforcement.

Around 45% think politicians are not doing enough to fight corruption.

Corruption complaint submission

The anti-graft hotline will operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00; the hotline number is 70070011

Complaints may also be made through the website: http://www.transparencycyprus.org/apaitodiafania/

By e-mail to: apaitodiafania@transparencycyprus.org

And by fax to: +357 25375655