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Growing interest in Cyprus property

Cyprus property at number 8CYPRUS jumped ten places to number eight in the November 2016 edition of the ‘Top of the Props’ published by the property portal TheMoveChannel.com, accounting for 1.62% of on-line searches on the property portal.

According to the portal, the USA remains the most popular real estate market, accounting for 7.81% of all enquiries, followed in second place by Spain, which accounted for 5.16% of all enquiries.

Commenting on the performance of Cyprus TheMoveChannel.com Director Dan Johnson noted that “Cyprus has now been inside the Top 20 most popular destinations on TheMoveChannel.com for 10 months in a row. In real terms, enquiries for the island’s real estate have varied on a month-by-month basis throughout 2016, but rose 20 per cent in Q2 compared to Q1 2016 and increased 8 per cent in the three months to November compared to the previous three months. Will they keep climbing as we enter 2017?”

The full breakdown of the November 2016 edition of the ‘Top of the Props’ chart follows:

RankCountryShare (%age)Change
1USA7.81No change
2Spain5.16No change
3Brazil4.56 Up 2
4Portugal4.05Down 1
5UAE2.42Up 13
6Italy1.81Up 4
7Hungary1.66Up 22
8Cyprus1.62Up 10
9France1.6Up 2
10India1.6Down 2
11Canada1.33Down 7
12Sri Lanka1.14Up 22
13Mexico1.08Up 8
14South Africa1.04Up 27
15Germany0.99Down 8
16Bulgaria0.7Down 3
17Cape Verde0.65Down 8
18Morocco0.62Up 7
19Turkey0.5Down 14
20Switzerland0.46Down 8
21Australia0.4Down 2
22Croatia0.34Down 8
23Vietnam0.31Down 7
24Greece0.31Down 4
25Thailand0.22Down 2
26Malaysia0.22Up 4
27Albania0.19Up 13
28New Zealand0.16Down 4
29Pakistan0.16Up 9
30Romania0.16No change
31Slovenia0.15Down 3
32Egypt0.15Up 7
33Barbados0.13Down 2
34Montenegro0.12Down 7
35Latvia0.1Down 13
36Panama0.1Down 19
37Malta0.07Down 4
38Cayman Islands0.06Down 3
39Bahamas0.06Up 8
40Costa Rica0.06Up 6