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When a Place in the Sun Becomes a Place in the Mud

OVER the past month of torrential rain, one could be forgiven for thinking the west coast of Cyprus is literally sliding away under the weight of a development boom. The death of a couple, swept over a bridge by a flash flood on Monday, has highlighted a problem that many have been warning about for […]

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

“IF SOMETHING isn’t done soon then we could be looking at another Aberfan.” These were the words of Pat Ellis, a concerned resident of the rapidly expanding village of Peyia, near Paphos, referring to the 1966 disaster in South Wales in which 144 people died when a tip of coal waste slid onto the village. […]

The Cyprus Property Title Deeds Issue

IT IS a fact that it takes a long time to secure a title deed for new property and this creates serious problems regarding ownership, finance, re-sale and other matters. At this point of time there is a serious debate taking place in the House of Representatives on the subject, but we have not detected […]

Cyprus Property Boom in Danger of Pricing Itself into Obscurity

IRRESPONSIBLE. When high-ranking government officials come out and say that the price of something is going up, the public generally believe them. Unfortunately, what also happens is that the people involved in selling also listen, and put their prices up, whether the rise is warranted or not. The current property boom is in serious danger […]

Cyprus Government “Worrying a Lot” about Title Deeds

The “House of Representatives are worrying a lot about the situation”. This was the message given by Rikkos Erotokritou, the MP for Limassol, during a radio discussion program about Title Deeds on Wednesday evening. Broadcast on ‘Round and About’, the half hour English language magazine programme on CyBC’s second radio channel, those taking part were: […]

Property Inspection Trips: The Pros and Cons

There is value in seeing developments for yourself, but only if you are not pressured to put down a deposit straight away and you are allowed to make a decision back at home – and if you have researched other agents and property in your country of choice. If you purchase a property at an […]

Warning Signs of Worse to Come

MY brother, Dr Christopher Solomon, a retired university professor (his quantum mechanics doctorate investigated Einstein’s Theory of Relativity), lives in a recently constructed bungalow just down the road from that burgeoning expat township of Peyia, situated high on the coastal hills near Paphos. He lives with his wife, Marjorie, a member of the ‘Women Write’ […]

Unscrupulous Developers Need to be Taken to Task

DEPUTIES examining the long delays in the issuing of title deeds to homebuyers appeared to have finally understood the main cause of the problem after Monday’s House Interior Committee meeting. Light was shed on the problem by the director of the Land Registry Department Andreas Christodoulou, who said there were cases of home-buyers who had […]

Choosing your Property Developer

Don’t assume that bigger is better; the size of a company is no guarantee that its properties are of an acceptable quality. You may find that quality of properties built by some of the developers that target the expatriate market to be generally lower than those that target a wider audience. Always inspect properties under […]

Construction Quality

The quality of construction of Cyprus property varies greatly. If you are looking to buy a property, here are a few things you should look out for

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