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An end to greedy developers extorting cancellation fees

The days when greedy property developers could extort contract cancellation fees from purchasers who wished to sell a property in Cyprus before its Title Deed had been issued have come to an end.

Commission refers Cyprus to EU Court of Justice

The European Commission has referred Cyprus to the European Court of Justice for non-compliance with European Union Treaty rules on the free movement of capital in respect of unrestricted access to buy a second home in Cyprus.

Cyprus Town Planning Amnesty penalties announced

The Ministry of Interior has published the penalty charges to be levied under the temporary provisions of the Cyprus Town Planning Amnesty for planning irregularities resulting from overbuilding.

Conveyancing property in Cyprus and due diligence

One of the issues that people face when buying real estate in Cyprus is that there appears to be no defined tasks that a lawyer is required to undertake when conveyancing property, which may lead to severe complications for the buyer at a later date.

Lawyers, law firms and legal advice

To help those buying property in Cyprus and assist in other legal matters that may arise, the British High Commission has recently revised its list of lawyers who are able to give advice in English.

Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board in the dock

Reports of “crooked” lawyers, particularly in Paphos, are widespread; but what hope is there for justice when the Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board appears unable to address complaints in a timely manner?

New specific performance law increases safeguards

Designed to provide added protection for those buying property on the Island, a new Specific Performance law will come into force in Cyprus shortly that will replace the existing ‘Sale of Land (Specific Performance) Law’.

EU funded scheme to make property purchasing safer

A pilot scheme that promises to end the problems experienced by expatriates when buying property in other European Union countries has been highly praised by EU parliament vice president Diana Wallace MEP.

Government planning amnesty bulletin: part 4

We look at the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) law in our fourth and final article on the Interior Ministry’s bulletin about the recently approved bills designed to alleviate problems in issuing Title Deeds as a result of planning infringements.

Government planning amnesty bulletin: part 3

We look at the streets and buildings regulation law in our third article in a series of four on the Interior Ministry’s bulletin about the recently approved bills designed to alleviate problems in issuing Title Deeds resulting from planning infringements.

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