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High rise apartments in Cyprus?

PAPHOS, the popular tourist town on the west coast of Cyprus, could soon see dramatic changes in its skyline if proposals for high rise buildings in the town are given the go ahead by government. The mayor of the Paphos, Savvas Vergas, is reported to be examining ways of saving space as the town grows […]

Cyprus turning into a desert

CYPRUS is running the risk of becoming a desert by the end of the century as it faces the onslaught of climate change and drought warned Professor Manfred Lange – director of the Cyprus Institute’s Energy, Environment and Water Research Centre. In a discussion held yesterday, Professor Lange said that studies project a rise in […]

Floating desalination plant coming to Limassol

FOLLOWING yesterday’s news that a desalination plant was under construction in the Kouklia area of Paphos, it has just been announced that the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture plans to build a floating desalination plant off the Germasogia coast at Limassol. Throughout the past summer Limassol, which is on the south coast of Cyprus, was totally […]

Cyprus desalination plant gets underway

PLANS for a further three desalination plants in Cyprus have got underway. Earlier this week the Athens Mesogios company started construction work on one of the plants in the Kouklia area of Paphos, which is a few miles to the south of the popular tourist destination. The company has been given seven months to complete […]

Cyprus and MacAnthony Realty International (MRI)

Ending speculation on various trade and investor blogs, the new CEO of MRI Overseas Property, Dominic Pickering, has outlined the company’s plans to focus on construction in 2009.

Protest over plans for Cyprus golf courses

ENVIRONMENTALISTS staged a demo yesterday outside the Cyprus Commerce Ministry to protest against the construction of more golf courses, even as within the building government officials hatched new plans for the project, which many doubt will reboot the island’s stalled tourism sector. The government aims to build another 14 golf courses in addition to the […]

Fourteen golf courses in Cyprus

IN an effort to improve its tourist product, the Cyprus Government has announced plans to increase the number of golf courses on the island from three to fourteen. Meeting with businessmen to discuss the plans, Antonis Paschalides, the Cyprus Minister of Commerce Industry and Tourism said that “The proposal stipulates that there will be up […]

Cyprus property buyers still at risk twenty years after collapse

IF you are British and of a certain age, you will remember “All Our Yesterdays”. It was a television programme, produced by Granada Television, which ran weekly between 1960 and 1973 and again between 1987 and 1989. The format was simple: a presenter introduced snippets of newsreel that had been shown in cinemas 25 years […]

Buying usurped property does not pay

AN adviser to the EU’s top court says a ruling against the British owners of a property in Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus should be recognised. The Court of Appeal of England and Wales had requested a legal opinion from the European Court of Justice. Linda and David Orams are engaged in a long-running legal battle with […]

Cyprus banks to cover exposure in property sector

It is expected that the commercial banks will be called on to cover their big lending exposures in the island’s property sector next year following latest economic bulletin the Central Bank of Cyprus.

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