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  • The troika returns to Cyprus

    The troika returns to Cyprus

    Representatives of the troika of international lenders plus the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the IMF, EC and the ECB , will be in Cyprus later this month for the third post-programme surveillance...
  • John Hourican "annoyed and impatient"

    John Hourican “annoyed and impatient”

    Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourican said he is annoyed and impatient by borrowers seeing a rising property market and wanting to hold on and negotiate more time to repay their loans...
  • Cyprus property prices continue to rise (Update)

    Cyprus property prices continue to rise (Update)

    RICS (Cyprus) reports that Cyprus property prices are continuing to rise in the thirteenth edition of its Index, with the prices of apartments and houses across Cyprus rising by 1.3 per cent and 2.3 per cent respectively during the first..
  • Mixed signals from Moody's

    Mixed signals from Moody’s

    In two recent reports Moody's said that banks will benefit from increased loan demand but warned that lack lustre performance in loan restructuring is a credit negative and that overall improvement in asset quality to date has been "lethargic"...
  • Cyprus 7th in citizenship by investment

    Cyprus 7th in citizenship by investment

    Cyprus has emerged as one of the most popular jurisdictions for EU and non-EU nationals in the Citizenship by Investment Index, published by Financial Times group's Professional Wealth Management...
  • Bank of Cyprus fined €170,000

    Bank of Cyprus fined €170,000

    The Bank of Cyprus has been hit with a €170,000 administrative fine by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (CCPS) following its investigation into the bank's commercial practices relating to mortgage loans...

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