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Ministers approve insolvency bills

The Council of Ministers has approved two of the five bills relating to the insolvency framework, but they will almost certainly be contested by opposition parties when they are discussed.

Lessons from Cyprus economic crash

Researchers from Imperial College Business School and the University of Cyprus carried out an in-depth analysis of why Cyprus needed to be bailed out to explore what lessons could be learnt from the crisis.

Property tax proposals from OEB and KEVE

The Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KEVE) have proposed a simple one-off property tax for 2013 as an interim stop-gap measure.

Cyprus seeking help from Russia and China

Deputy Europe Minister Andreas Mavroyiannis said that Cyprus could seek help from Russia and China in efforts to secure 1.8 billion Euro to recapitalise the Popular Bank and it could need as much as 4 billion Euro.

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