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Construction of new homes slows

Following ten months of double digit increases in the number of building permits authorised for the construction of new homes, August saw an increase of 6.6 per cent compared to August 2016.

Planning & building permit overhaul

The time consuming and frustrating bureaucracy involved in obtaining building & planning permits in Cyprus may be overhauled provided the recommendations of Austrian experts are adopted.

Banks helped by increased building permits

Although Cypriot banks continue to face significant asset quality challenges, a sustained increase in demand for building permits would improve their asset quality says ratings agency Moody’s.

Building permit regulations to be re-examined

The Interior Minister’s building permit decree designed to curb profiteering in non-residential areas by property developers has been criticised by Parliament; further consultations will be held.

November building permits up by a third

The number of building permits authorised by the municipal authorities and the district administration offices during November 2016 stood at 550 according to the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Strong growth in home construction

Strong growth was recorded in the number new homes being built in Cyprus in February, with the number of building permits authorised for new homes increasing compared to February 2014.

EU says ‘No’ to Limni golf courses

Cyprus is in trouble with the European Commission and has been warned to cancel the building permits for the two golf courses in the Limni area or face the possible consequences.

Building permits & certificate issuance progress

The Cyprus Interior Ministry has recently published the statistics relating to the issuance of planning permits, building and division permits and certificates as required under section 5.3 of the MoU.

Decline in building permits continues

The number of building permits issued in February continued to fall compared with the corresponding month of last year according to the latest figures released by the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Cyprus home construction nose-dives

Cyprus home construction plummeted in January, the Cyprus Statistical Service reported yesterday, with the number of permits authorised for new homes down 60 per cent compared with January last year.

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