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Cyprus Building Permit Statistics: February 2007

The Cyprus Statistical Service announces that the number of building permits authorised by the municipal authorities and the district administration offices during February 2007 stood at 813. The total value of these permits reached £133.5 million and the total area 299.5 thousand square metres. These building permits provide for the construction of 1,784 dwelling units. […]

Fraud in the Making

Suddenly the Cyprus Ministry of the Interior and the press have realised that a new type of property titles for which we have written in this and other newspapers over two years ago, is a fraud in the making against unsuspecting buyers, especially the foreign ones who rely to a large extent on their solicitors. […]

Issue of Building Permit for Cyprus Property

I have read your book and as I understand it, Planning Permission must be granted before applying for a Building Permit.Is my understanding correct or can my architect apply for a building permit at the same time? Many thanks Answer That’s right, your architect usually needs to have secured Planning Permission before he/she can apply […]

Documentation Required for Cyprus Property Title Deeds

What documentation do I need to produce in order to get the Title Deeds please Nigel? Answer To get your Title Deeds, the District Lands’ Office require the following information: A certified copy of the Council of Ministers’ permission to acquire the property or a Certificate of Permanent Residence issued by the District Administration Office […]

Planning Permission and Building Permits

Anyone who has dealt with the authorities in Cyprus will appreciate the paperwork and bureaucratic processes involved. But did you know that as many as 10 different permits from various local & central Government authorities may be required before a property can be legally built, owned and lived in! You may also be surprised to […]

Property in Cyprus – Building Permits

The Cyprus Statistical Service has announced that the number of building permits authorised by the Municipal Authorities and the District Administration offices during December 2006 was 772. These permits provided for the construction of 1,258 dwelling units. During 2006, 9,794 building permits were issued of which 7,415 were for dwelling units. Historical figures for Building […]

Police Investigating Fraud Claims over Paphos Development

POLICE are investigating a series of complaints against a developer accused of taking close to three million pounds from around 70 people for properties in the Paphos district which have not been built, two years after deposits were paid. Briton David Goodman told the Sunday Mail he had paid a £40,000 deposit for a townhouse […]

Title Deeds & Share Transfers – Beware

Due to the delays that are met in securing the various building permits and the consequential delays in getting the titles and the much sought after transfer of title, the market has come up with a new way to by-pass the system. The time that it takes for a property to have its title secured […]

Property Conveyancing in Cyprus

When buying property in Cyprus, lawyers representing the vendor and the buyer carry out the legal work required, which is known as conveyancing. The conveyancing process is fairly complicated and involves unravelling the legal jargon found in the Title Deeds, checking the background of the property, and various title searches. The process culminates in completion […]

Cyprus Building Permits Reach 14% of GDP

The value of building permits authorised in Cyprus rose by 8.3% year on year in January to October, to reach CYP 1.18 bln, or 14% of likely GDP in 2006, according to our calculations.In the same period the number of building permits rose by 8.3% and the area of permits rose by 3.8%. By far […]

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