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I would not have bought in Cyprus had I known

An overwhelming number of our readers would not have bought a property in Cyprus had they known that their developer had mortgaged the land on which it was built.

Cyprus to get financial ombudsman

The days of banks in Cyprus granting mortgages to home buyers without advising them that the land on which their property is built is already mortgaged may soon be over with the appointment of a financial ombudsman expected in the near future.

If you can’t trust a lawyer in Cyprus, who can you trust?

If lawyers (and the Cyprus Bar Association) took their responsibilities seriously, the image of Cyprus would remain untarnished and its property industry wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in today.

In Cyprus size does matter!

An inspection of the holiday home by a professional, independent surveyor confirmed that its covered area was more than 15% smaller than its advertised size – this means it had been oversold and overvalued by a figure in excess of €30,000.

Cyprus to relax rules for Iranians buying property

According to a report in today’s Financial Mirror, Iranians buying property in Cyprus in excess of EUR 350,000 will be eligible to obtain residency status.

Brits buying property in Cyprus get new government advice

THERE ARE RISKS involved with purchasing property on the island of Cyprus. Many British nationals who buy property face problems due to misleading advertising, or because they do not have title deeds, or they have purchased off plan and the property has not been completed, or their property or neighbouring properties have been constructed illegally or taxes have been charged incorrectly.

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