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Construction at record low

Construction activity in Cyprus during 2014 hit a record low with the number of building permits issued, their value and their total area all falling compared to 2013 according to the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Lessons from Cyprus economic crash

Researchers from Imperial College Business School and the University of Cyprus carried out an in-depth analysis of why Cyprus needed to be bailed out to explore what lessons could be learnt from the crisis.

An abominable legacy

The former government under President Christofias left behind an abominable legacy, including a wrecked economy, but can the present government under President Anastasiades do any better?

Cyprus: Dealing with a crisis

Hit by a severe crisis, Cyprus received financial assistance from the international community in May 2013. One year after, this IMF video explains the origin of the crisis and the subsequent evolution of the country’s economy.

Construction crisis deepens

The crisis in the island’s construction industry is worsening according to the figures published earlier today by the Cyprus Statistical Service, which show a continuing decline in building permits.

Kill the chicken, eat the eggs, pretend it didn’t happen

Little has been done to resolve the problems that precipitated the crisis in the property sector; many are resisting the need for change and seem intent on making the same mistakes again as if the crisis never happened.

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