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Cyprus government Title Deed proposals

Earlier today, the Cyprus Sunday Mail published an article by Antonis Loizou FRICS in which he outlined the content of the bills that have been drafted by the Cyprus government to alleviate the Title Deed issue problem faced by many property buyers.

Cyprus government in incestuous relationships

In Cyprus, developers can truly be regarded as a ‘protected species’, one that the Cyprus government is prepared to protect to the last; not least because of the incestuous financial relationships they together enjoy.

HM Government replies to Title Deed questions

The UK Government has said that it will not close down the UK offices of Cypriot companies selling property unless it receives evidence of illegal behaviour.

Legal stakes raised in Cyprus Title Deed scandal

A case about to come before the UK High Court in London against several Cypriot developers and lawyers could help to create a healthy property system in Cyprus according to Dr Katherine Alexander-Theodotou.

Sylikiotis shoots from the hip

If some of the smaller developers are now close to bankruptcy, then allowing them to go bankrupt would send a clear message to the rest of the market.

Cyprus minister denies ignoring deed issue

According to a statement issued to OPP the Cyprus government has not stated that the measures that are being studied will not concern those who have already bought houses or other buildings. But precisely how the new measures will help is unclear.

Reactions on call for Cyprus ban

Whether or not you agree with Lord Jones’ calls for the UK Government to take positive steps to protect British citizens buying property in Cyprus and put pressure on the Cyprus government to clear up the mess, he certainly seems to have ruffled a few feathers!

UK politician calls for Cyprus ban

Cypriot property companies have described calls by Lord Jones of Cheltenham for their UK offices to be closed and for their presence at exhibitions to banned as “extreme”.

Ban Cyprus property companies and close their UK offices

Lord Jones of Cheltenham has called on the British government to close the UK offices of Cypriot companies selling property and to ban the promotion of Cyprus property at overseas property exhibitions.

State must find a solution for Title Deed mess

The Cyprus Government must find a solution to the Title Deed mess that safeguards the interests of banks, helps developers raise funds and totally ignores the interests of property-buyers.

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