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Home buyers left in lurch

We’ve all been strung along… the British government… the property buyers… everyone… we were all conned.

Cyprus bombshell rocks their Lordships

The Cyprus Government was ‘economical with the truth’ when it assured the UK Government that it intended to introduce a Bill to address the Title Deed issue affecting thousands of Brits who have invested in property on the island.

Action group organises demonstration

CPAG is organising a peaceful demonstration against the Cyprus Government, which will take place

Cyprus question raised in Lords

Seeking to end speculation surrounding the Cyprus Government’s promise to resolve the Title Deed problems encountered by thousands of British citizens who have bought property on the island, Lord Jones of Cheltenham has tabled a further written question in the UK House of Lords seeking a progress report on the matter.

End in sight to Title Deed saga?

The main reason in most cases is that currently land owned by developers can be mortgaged again and again, leaving those who bought properties without their Title Deeds for anything up to 20 years. The average waiting time, even for Cypriot buyers is 12 years.

Cyprus property action group – update

The Cyprus Government is responsible for the lack of regulation and law enforcement in the property sector must now take full blame for any bad publicity resulting from their abject failure to act.

Government inaction over Title Deeds is irresponsible

The Cyprus government’s handling of the Title Deed problems could not have been worse. It made promises to interested parties that it could not keep.

Will Cyprus face the wrath of the EU Parliament?

The Cyprus government could face the wrath of the European Parliament if it fails to protect the rights of those who have bought property on the island.

Has the Cyprus government misled us?

The truth was revealed at a Title Deed seminar organised by the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) at the Elysium Hotel in Paphos last Thursday.

Cyprus title misdeeds

Property developers in Cyprus are strong-arming the government to do their bidding by holding up the spectre of economic collapse.

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