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Cyprus (Larnaca) feature in British Airways magazine

THE December 2008 issue of the British Airways magazine ‘Business Life’ featured an article about property in Cyprus. Written by Alexander Garrett, ‘Larnaca at large’ told how the town is pressing its case to be considered by anyone planning a home in the Eastern Mediterranean. Readers of this Magazine will know that plans to encourage […]

Further property questions asked in UK House of Lords

THE BRITISH House of Lords is seeking further clarification from the UK Government on how it intends to ensure that the Cyprus Government resolves the long-standing Title Deed issues that are affecting thousands of British citizens who have bought property on the island. In answers to earlier written questions tabled by Lord Jones of Cheltenham, […]

Cyprus property sales on ominous downward trend

THE number of contracts deposited at the Land Registry gives a good indication of how many new properties are being sold in Cyprus. In the first eleven months of 2008, 14,403 contracts were deposited. This compares to the 19,478 and 15,500 deposited over the same period in 2007 and 2006 respectively. But what is even […]

Cyprus golfing villas progress

THOUSANDS of villas could be built in Cyprus over the next few years if the licensing of 14 golf courses gets the go ahead from Government. The news comes at a difficult time for the construction industry, which is already being affected by the huge number of unsold properties on the market. The procedure to […]

Brits buying property in Cyprus get new government advice

THERE ARE RISKS involved with purchasing property on the island of Cyprus. Many British nationals who buy property face problems due to misleading advertising, or because they do not have title deeds, or they have purchased off plan and the property has not been completed, or their property or neighbouring properties have been constructed illegally or taxes have been charged incorrectly.

Britain keeping watch on Cyprus title deeds fiasco

BRITAIN will take a close interest in measures taken by the Cyprus government to sort out the problems of property buyers left without their title deeds, a written answer to the House of Lords has said. Two questions were placed before the Lords last November detailing the concerns of some property buyers worried about the […]

Dodgy Cyprus property deals made Hatton millions

DEREK Hatton has been called every name under the sun. Spiv, wideboy, scally and chancer were just a few hurled at the firebrand Trotskyist when he tweaked the tail of Margaret Thatcher’s government, becoming almost as famous as the Prime Minister herself. A quarter of a century ago, the Armani-suited Left-winger with the Beatles accent […]

British property buyers come one step closer

Over recent months thousands of buyers caught in the Title Deed trap have been signing petitions, and writing to their MPs and MEPs in efforts to get the British Government and the EU to intercede with the Cyprus government on their behalf.

Cyprus government to sell state property

IT EMERGED today that the Cyprus government is considering selling state property and issuing bonds to raise the €200 million it owes to the Social Security Fund. Once the debt has been cleared the Fund should grow to create a reserve of more than €1 billion in the next five years. One luminary in the […]

Cyprus MEP Marios Matsakis demands Title Deeds action

PUTTING further pressure on the Government of Cyprus to resolve the “Title Deeds-cum-fraud mess”, Cypriot MEP Marios Matsakis has written to the Interior Minister demanding that the Cyprus Government takes urgent action to resolve the situation. Marios Matsakis is a well known personality in Cyprus. He is a politician and a Member of the European […]

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