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Property prices continue to fall in most areas

The third quarter of 2013 saw property prices fall across most of Cyprus with apartment and house values in Famagusta increasing marginally over the quarter giving hope that prices there may be stabilising.

Building permits fall 15 per cent in July

Construction activity continued to decline in July with the number of building permits authorized by the municipal authorities and district administration offices falling compared with the same period last year.

New home construction plummets

Today’s figures from the Cyprus Statistical Service reveal that the number of building permits authorised in June for the construction of new homes fell sharply compared with the number authorised in June 2012.

Property price corrections are slow

Although property prices in Cyprus have fallen in recent times, the reductions are relatively small compared to the large price corrections that have taken place in other “memorandum” countries.

New home construction slips in April

The number of new homes for which building permits were issued in April fell by 20 per cent compared with the corresponding month last year according to the Cyprus Statistical Service.

New home construction down 40 per cent

Figures released by the Cyprus Statistical Service earlier today show a dramatic drop in the number of building permits authorised for the construction of new homes in March with their number falling 40 per cent compared with last year.

Price falls continue as uncertainty grows

Property prices in Cyprus continued to fall during the fourth quarter of 2012 according to the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index amid the worsening state of the economy and growing uncertainty.

Price falls loom in wake of bailout

In the wake of the island’s financial bailout, property prices in Cyprus are anticipated to fall according to the chairman of the Property Valuers Association which has temporarily suspended work.

PIMCO’s property price assumptions rejected

Assumptions made by PIMCO that property prices will decline by a further 30 to 40 per cent this year have been rejected by the Cyprus Association of Valuers and Property Consultants.

Double-digit falls forecast for property prices

The fall in prices of residential real estate and land in Cyprus are forecast to reach double digits by the end of next year (2014) and they will continue to fall until 2015, but to a lesser extent.

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