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MEP questions Title Deed costs

Daniel Dalton, MEP for the West Midlands, raised a question in the European Commission relating to the costs of obtaining Title Deeds in cases where developers have failed to complete projects.

URGENT notice – trapped buyers

Nefarious individuals are deceiving ‘trapped buyers’ in Cyprus into believing that they will not be offered the Title Deeds to the property they purchased under the provisions of the ‘hidden mortgage’ law if they bought by way of a housing loan.

A thousand trapped buyers apply for deeds

During the nine days since the ‘hidden mortgage’ law came into force around 1,000 ‘trapped buyers’ who have paid for their property but cannot get their Title Deeds have submitted applications.

Hidden mortgage bill passed

At today’s plenary session of the Cyprus parliament MPs approved the hidden mortgage bill designed to resolve the issue of ‘trapped’ property buyers who are unable to obtain Title Deeds due to their developer’s debts.

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