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Bailiffs strip Paphos Land Registry office

Bailiffs acting on a court order have stripped the Paphos Land Registry office of anything that wasn’t nailed down to compensate creditors whose land was expropriated for the Paphos/Polis road and who have yet to be paid compensation.

Land Registry & Town Planning to enter 21st century

Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis has announced plans to introduce new IT systems into Town Planning and Land Registry offices throughout Cyprus to improve services offered to the public.

Ten thousand six hundred this year and counting

More than ten thousand six hundred properties have been transferred to new owners this year by District Land Offices across the Island, according to the latest figures from the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Liasides buyers act now and object to land auction

As reported last Sunday, the Alpha Bank has filed eight applications at the Paphos Land Registry to auction eight plots of land belonging to bankrupt property developer Yiannis Liasides.

Petition to stop Alpha Bank repossessing homes

A petition has been launched calling on the Interior Ministry and the Land Registry to reject any application made by the Alpha Bank to auction land to recover money owed to it by the bankrupt developer Yiannis Liasides.

Nine hundred and forty six new property owners

District Land Offices throughout Cyprus have transferred nearly ten thousand properties to their new owners this year, according to figures released earlier today by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

More than one thousand new home owners

Now that the crippling power cuts have ended and work has returned to normal, more than one thousand properties were transferred to their new owners in September.

Title deed transfers on steroids

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Title Deed transfers carried out by Land Registry Offices throughout Cyprus since the start of the year.

State-sponsored fleecing is island-wide

Abuse by the Land Registry Offices brings the whole system into disrepute and fosters cynicism and distrust of the Cyprus government’s regulations and practices.

Ongoing contempt for property purchasers

In a letter to the Sunday Mail a regular commenter wonders what it will take for the Island to clean up its act regarding property purchasers being duped by the nefarious practices of developers, lawyers and banks.

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