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Title Deed bill agreed by deputies

Details of one of the bills designed to resolve the Island’s Title Deed fiasco have been agreed by deputies. This will now be passed to the House of Representatives’ plenum for approval.

Title Deed bills run into problems

The passage of two of the five bills designed to resolve the Title Deed nightmare have been delayed by a number of questions raised during recent discussions.

Laws to iron out problems with Title Deeds

Parliament is currently in the process of preparing a law in cooperation with the government and banks that will put an end to the current Title Deeds system that has left hundreds of home buyers at the mercy of debt-riddled developers.

Government needs to take urgent action

The Cyprus government has been urged to take “decisive steps to eliminate delays related to the issuing of title deeds,” to focus hard on reviving the island’s overseas property sector, and to avoid increasing local property taxes.

Agreement on town-planning development in SBAs

The Republic of Cyprus is heading towards an agreement with the British Sovereign Bases over town-planning development of areas under their sovereignty.

Urban planning amnesty suggestions

With the proposed urban planning amnesty shortly to be debated in parliament, the Cyprus Association of Valuers and Property Consultants has put forward three suggestions for the government’s consideration.

ETEK calls for demolition of illegal buildings

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) has called on the government to demolish illegally constructed buildings, according to a recent report in the Greek language newspaper Politis.

Is Cyprus in danger of misleading the EU?

In its answers to questions posed to it by the European Union, the Cyprus Government could be in danger of misleading the EU into believing that the Cypriot authorities have taken substantial and effective measures to resolve the Title Deed problems.

Revised Title Deed legislation hits snag

The much-anticipated bills to resolve the Title Deed issues have hit a snag, after it emerged yesterday that not all concerned had been properly consulted during the preparation of the legislation.

Title Deed legislation in parliament by month end

The Cyprus Interior Minister, Neoclis Sylikiotis, expects the new legislation designed to clear the Title Deed backlog to be tabled before parliament later this month.

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