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Communal charge dodgers could end up in jail

Owners of properties in communal developments could soon find themselves in jail if they fail to pay their rightful share towards the insurance, maintenance and upkeep of the common areas.

Tax hike may trigger land sales

The government’s proposed changes to immovable property taxation may encourage property developers to sell their land banks rather than sitting on them, according to a lead consultant.

Homeowners need protection from troika proposals

Troika’s proposal to accelerate loan recovery by the banks could spell disaster for many home buyers; they could lose their homes within 18 months even though they may have paid for them in full.

A plan for all reasons

Proposals to resolve property purchase disputes in Cyprus without litigation and restore the credibility of its public, property and financial sectors have been submitted to the Cyprus Government.

Property industry problems to be discussed on Monday

Problems plaguing the Island’s property industry will be discussed by the Cyprus Land and Building Developers Association’s Annual General Meeting, which is being held at the Nicosia Hilton hotel on Monday.

Vasilikon cement factory workers return to work

Workers at the Vassilikos cement company in Limassol have ended their indefinite strike following a meeting yesterday at which the Cyprus Labour Minister, Sotiroulla Charalambous, put forward a mediation proposal.

Town Planning Amnesty – plan to extend and simplify

The House Interior Committee has unanimously proposed that parliament grants a six-month extension to the period during which ‘Statements of Intent’ may be submitted under the provisions of the Cyprus Town Planning Amnesty.

No decision on proposals to hike property tax

Although President Christofias has won support to impose a tax of €1,000 a year on profitable companies, no decision has been reached on plans to increase the tax on property.

Major improvements to Cyprus town planning

Plans to overhaul of the Cyprus Town Planning and Housing department to support the social and economic development of the Island have been announced by Interior Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis.

Revised property taxes and planning amnesty

The Cyprus government is banking on a second term in office to implement its revised property tax system which will be based on current property values rather than those of 1980.

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