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Discrimination against non-Cypriot estate agents

The European Commission considers the conditions that non-Cypriots EU citizens must fulfil to be included in the registry of real estate agents in Cyprus discriminates against them and do not conform with EU law

Efforts to combat illegal real estate agents stepped up

Court orders have been issued against a number of unregistered estate agents in Cyprus, some of whom appear to be British, to stop them from practising until a final adjudication of their cases has been made.

The Loch Ness monster in Cyprus

The new proposals for the Cyprus laws governing estate agents designed to bring them in line with the Acquis Communautaire are a monster in the making according to Antonis Loizou FRICS.

Cyprus changes estate agents law following EU inquiry

Following a European Union inquiry into the Cyprus laws governing estate agents, the Interior Ministry has submitted a new draft law to Parliament to bring it into line with the Acquis Communautaire.

Cyprus property sales: November 2009 report

Falling property sales in Cyprus continue to add to the islands economic woes. The latest figures to come out of the Cyprus Land and Surveys Department reveal that property sales have halved this year compared to last.

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