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Crocodile park returns

Following a rejection of a crocodile park by the Psematismos and Athienou communities TSA Crocopark Ltd has approached the Achna district to discuss the possibility of a theme park.

Crocodiles will not sink teeth into new home

The proposal to build a 1,000 crocodile theme park at Psematismenos in the Larnaca district by a consortium of Israeli and Cypriot businessmen has been rejected by the House environment committee.

Thousand crocodile theme park in Cyprus

A consortium of Israeli and Cypriot businessmen has submitted a proposal to the Minister of Agriculture to build a theme park with 1,000 crocodiles at Psematismenos in the Larnaca district.

Permission granted for Oroklini theme park

Plans to construct a ‘Euro Disney of the Mediterranean’ theme park near Oroklini, which stalled in 2012, were given the go-ahead by the government in a policy statement issued yesterday.

Disneyland-style theme park still a long way off

Plans to build a ‘Euro Disney of the Mediterranean’ including a luxury hotel, water park and restaurants on 300 to 400 donums of land near Oroklini have stalled as discussions continue over land acquisition.

Minister gives Oroklini theme park the green light

At last Monday’s meeting, Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis give the green light to the proposed theme park in the Oroklini area, according to reports in the local media.

Meeting to discuss Oroklini theme park scheduled

A critical meeting is scheduled for Monday 26th September to discuss plans to build a theme park close to the Larnaca village of Oroklini on the south eastern coast of Cyprus.

Russian roulette in Cyprus

I WAS deeply concerned to hear the news about the latest ‘brainwave’ for a theme park in Larnaca area, especially because of who is supposedly financing it. After having personal experience of working and living in Russia for 6 months in 2005/6, the persistent ‘brown-nosing’ of Russians for their capital now seems to have extended […]

Disneyland-style theme park at Pyla?

The proposed theme park will cover an area of some 600 donums (around 80 hectares) and could be situated in the UN buffer zone that currently separates the Greek & Turkish Cypriot communities.

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