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Homeowners need protection from troika proposals

Troika’s proposal to accelerate loan recovery by the banks could spell disaster for many home buyers; they could lose their homes within 18 months even though they may have paid for them in full.

Government tax hike will hit small home owners

Contrary to assurances given to the media by the Interior Minister Eleni Mavrou that small home owners would not be hit by increases in property taxes, government plans tell a different story.

Are we about to meet our NAMAsis?

One of the key suggestions in the Troika’s draft proposals for Cyprus is the establishment of an Asset Management Company along the lines of NAMA – Ireland’s National Management Agency.

Cyprus real estate: Is PAMELA coming for a visit?

If the Troika’s bailout conditions for Cyprus are implemented, what will be the impact on the island’s real estate market? Will we achieve PAMELA, the Proper Asset Management of Estates, Loans and other Assets?

Troika in moves to address Title Deed issue

Suggestions to resolve the Title Deed-cum-fraud mess have been put forward by the troika in their draft memorandum to the government following a review of the Island’s economy published in July.

Troika reforms include property tax hike

Tax hikes on property, alcohol, tobacco, and petrol are on the cards plus a one per cent increase in VAT together with cuts in public sector spending according to a leaked Troika delegation document.

Cyprus may need more than €10 billion for bailout

The island’s’ public finances are in a worse state than we expected said troika official Maarten Verwey according to the minutes of the meeting obtained by Bloomberg News; more bailout cash may be needed.

Cyprus ratings lowered as bailout talks continue

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has cut Cyprus’ long-term sovereign credit rating a notch pushing it deeper into junk territory and placed it in on CreditWatch with negative implications.

Nightmare scenarios for sweeping cuts

Cyprus will need to take painful measures to tackle problems in its banking system and state finances according to local media reports following the conclusion of the troika’s second visit to the island.

The ballooning Cyprus fiasco

Troika inspectors are swarming over Cyprus to find out how much money the banks would need to deal with their putrefying balance sheets, and how much the government would need to stay afloat.

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