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The Cyprus Property Title Deeds Issue

IT IS a fact that it takes a long time to secure a title deed for new property and this creates serious problems regarding ownership, finance, re-sale and other matters. At this point of time there is a serious debate taking place in the House of Representatives on the subject, but we have not detected […]

Cyprus Property Tax Refunds

Dear Sir, Question: I am told that I can get a refund on the property taxes that I have been charged by the developer. When I bought my apartment, five years ago, prior to transfer the developer charged me £360 for property taxes. Can I claim this amount back? Answer: There is a government property […]

Energy Certificates For Your Home

IMPLEMENTATION of the European Directive on the energy performance of buildings laying down minimum performance on new and existing buildings will begin within the next six months. On Thursday, Parliament passed the Directive into law after the European Commission sent final warnings to Cyprus, along with Greece, Hungary, Malta and Sweden in June for failure […]

Cyprus Property Boom in Danger of Pricing Itself into Obscurity

IRRESPONSIBLE. When high-ranking government officials come out and say that the price of something is going up, the public generally believe them. Unfortunately, what also happens is that the people involved in selling also listen, and put their prices up, whether the rise is warranted or not. The current property boom is in serious danger […]

Cyprus Government “Worrying a Lot” about Title Deeds

The “House of Representatives are worrying a lot about the situation”. This was the message given by Rikkos Erotokritou, the MP for Limassol, during a radio discussion program about Title Deeds on Wednesday evening. Broadcast on ‘Round and About’, the half hour English language magazine programme on CyBC’s second radio channel, those taking part were: […]

Property Inspection Trips: The Pros and Cons

There is value in seeing developments for yourself, but only if you are not pressured to put down a deposit straight away and you are allowed to make a decision back at home – and if you have researched other agents and property in your country of choice. If you purchase a property at an […]

Paphos Property Developer Charged and Released

A PAPHOS property developer who was arrested last Friday and remanded in custody on suspicion of obtaining money from buyers with intent to defraud has been released two days early on medical grounds, sources said. Police would not confirm why the suspect had been released, only that he had been charged and that the investigation […]

Cyprus Could Suffer from Nightmare Property Red Tape

IF THE problem with the title deeds is not resolved soon, Cyprus will suffer irreparable damages both on a local and an international scale, chartered surveyor and property appraiser Antonis Loizou warned yesterday. Loizou was speaking after a meeting of the House Commerce Committee, which discussed the difficulties faced by house buyers. The property appraiser […]

Warning Signs of Worse to Come

MY brother, Dr Christopher Solomon, a retired university professor (his quantum mechanics doctorate investigated Einstein’s Theory of Relativity), lives in a recently constructed bungalow just down the road from that burgeoning expat township of Peyia, situated high on the coastal hills near Paphos. He lives with his wife, Marjorie, a member of the ‘Women Write’ […]

Developer Held as British Families Complain of Fraud

PAPHOS police yesterday arrested and remanded in custody a developer on suspicion of obtaining money from four British families with intent to defraud. Costas Papaioannou, owner of Costas Papaioannou Developers Ltd, was remanded in custody for five days by a Paphos Court after a complaint was filed by lawyer Chrysa Christofi, who is representing the […]

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