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Cyprus Building Permits up 13.6% in Jan-July

Civil engineering booms, hotels out of favour. The number of building permits authorised rose by 28.3% year on year to reach 788 in June and provided for 1,745 dwelling units. For the first seven months as a whole, the number of building permits authorised rose by 13.6% compared with the same period of 2005 and […]

Planning Changes Spark Controversy

EVEN before they are fully published, the Local Plans, extending the building zones in the major towns, are causing widespread controversy. What is causing the debate is the provision allowing detached homes to be built outside residential areas on agricultural land on the outskirts of urban centres. Explaining the finalisation of the plans by the […]

Unscrupulous Developers Need to be Taken to Task

DEPUTIES examining the long delays in the issuing of title deeds to homebuyers appeared to have finally understood the main cause of the problem after Monday’s House Interior Committee meeting. Light was shed on the problem by the director of the Land Registry Department Andreas Christodoulou, who said there were cases of home-buyers who had […]

Title Deeds Nightmare to End Up on Channel 4

BRITISH broadcaster Channel 4 is coming to Cyprus after being contacted by expats who have bought property on the island and not received their title deeds. The property boom over the past few years is one of the main causes of the problem as the authorities struggle to stay afloat, swamped with applications. Last Thursday, […]

Cost of Construction up 3.9%

According to CYSTAT data released on Monday, the Building Material Price Index recorded an increase of 3.9% in September 2006. Specifically, the price of electromechanical and industrial products showed an increase of 4.7% and 4.5% respectively, the increase in the price of oil products fell to 4.3% and the price of timber, stones and quarry […]

Where are the Best Areas to Buy Rental Property in Cyprus

Question We’re thinking about buying an Apartment, which we will need to rent out, what are the best areas to look at? Answer First, Do not go into the market with a buy-to-let strategy. You will most almost certainly find that rental yields are much lower than ‘promised’. A number of developers offer ‘guaranteed rental […]

Choosing your Property Developer

Don’t assume that bigger is better; the size of a company is no guarantee that its properties are of an acceptable quality. You may find that quality of properties built by some of the developers that target the expatriate market to be generally lower than those that target a wider audience. Always inspect properties under […]

Construction Quality

The quality of construction of Cyprus property varies greatly. If you are looking to buy a property, here are a few things you should look out for

Construction Methods

The method used for building property in Cyprus is quite different to that used in many other European countries, including the UK. The island is situated in a seismically active region of the world and the Cyprus Government requires all property to be built in accordance with strict anti-seismic regulations. – As a result, most […]

Buying New Property in Cyprus?

I was once asked the question “Why are all villas and apartments for sale in Cyprus advertised as being ‘luxury properties’?” I replied “Because if the developer can sell them to unsuspecting expatriates, he’ll be able to retire in luxury!” OK, it’s a joke and many expatriates have no problems when buying property in Cyprus. […]

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