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Estate Agents’ Commission

By Antonis Loizou & Associates Limited – Chartered Surveyors & Property Consultants IN CYPRUS, the Estate Agents’ law regulates the profession and sets out the rights and duties of the estate agents. All estate agents must be registered with the Registrar and obtain a licence, otherwise no- one can call himself an estate agent or […]

Property Prices Slip for Second Month in a Row

Central Bank influence being felt? Property prices slipped for the second month in a row in October according to the BuySell Home Price index, dropping by 0.9% over the previous month, after a fall of 0.8% in September. However, prices are still 6.7% higher than they were in January and 5.7% higher than in October […]

Meeting the Mukhtar of Pissouri

Harsh rains in recent days have had a devastating effect on some homes in Pissouri, causing a public quarrel about responsibilities. We speak to the village’s Mukhtar, Christos Foutas. The Mukhtar had agreed to an interview before the Pine Villas debacle made headlines and, after the event it’s interesting to recognise how much of what […]

Purchasing Land for Building

Sir, I am prompted to write after reading Mr Loizou’s recent article about purchasing in Cyprus. Whilst it is always recommended that prior to the purchase of a house, the building should have a full structural survey done to ensure there are no defects; the same advice never seems to be given when the purchase […]

Accidents and Deaths ‘Waiting to Happen’ – Who’s to Blame?

THIS week’s recriminations involving the state, local authorities and building contractors over who is to blame for the death of a couple whose car was swept off what appears to be a badly-constructed bridge, have drawn attention yet again to the prevailing situation on the island where nobody is ever held responsible, or made to […]

Paying the Price for Rampant Development

DEPUTIES yesterday blamed over development for the catastrophic consequences of recent thunderstorms in Paphos, which killed two people and wrecked buildings and crops. “Nature may be slow, but it is punishing,” said DISY Deputy Costas Constantinou during yesterday’s meeting of the House Interior Committee, which met to discuss the possible responsibilities of local authorities and […]

When a Place in the Sun Becomes a Place in the Mud

OVER the past month of torrential rain, one could be forgiven for thinking the west coast of Cyprus is literally sliding away under the weight of a development boom. The death of a couple, swept over a bridge by a flash flood on Monday, has highlighted a problem that many have been warning about for […]

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

“IF SOMETHING isn’t done soon then we could be looking at another Aberfan.” These were the words of Pat Ellis, a concerned resident of the rapidly expanding village of Peyia, near Paphos, referring to the 1966 disaster in South Wales in which 144 people died when a tip of coal waste slid onto the village. […]

We Cannot Mess with the Environment with Impunity

THE TORRENTIAL rain that has hit the Paphos district several times over the past few weeks has caused a host of problems ranging from mudslides to flash floods, which on Monday resulted in human tragedy. There had been warning signs just over a couple of weeks ago, when tourists holidaying at Coral Bay were lucky […]

Paphos Tragedy: Who’s to Blame?

RECRIMINATIONS flew yesterday over Monday’s mudslide in the Paphos area, which killed one woman, with her husband still missing. Politicians blamed rampant development and disregard of drainage management on authorities and greedy developers; developers pointed the finger at the authorities; and local administration washed their hands of responsibility, arguing that Town Planning never consults with […]

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