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4th December 2021
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Property Nightmare

Last November, whilst on holiday in Cyprus, my husband and I decided to look for property with the view of moving to Cyprus. We went to a well-known real estate agent in Protaras and spoke to a gentleman there.

Before we knew it, we were having a bungalow built in Avgorou, and were choosing tiles, bathroom suite, kitchen units etc. On the same day, the estate agent took us to a law firm in Paralimni to sign the contract.

We were bewildered by the way everything had happened so quickly and there was no way turning back. We were very foolish and naive, but at the time everything seemed OK. We returned to Scotland and quickly put our home up for sale, as this was the only way we could afford buying in Cyprus.

We got a place to rent in Cyprus from the estate agent until July 2006, when we were assured the bungalow would be completed and ready for delivery to us.

In May, my husband asked for a loft to be made and this was agreed to by the developer. What a shock we got when he actually made a roof-garden for a loft, and on top of that even charged £2,000 extra,

According to the contract, if the property is not ready by the delivery date, the developer is allowed a 30-day grace period. Towards the end of August I went to the developer’s office and he assured us that the bungalow was ready to move into there and then. When we got there we found there was no water or electricity, it was filthy, it was not painted on the outside, and there was no access to the unwanted roof garden. When we asked him about that, he said he would want an extra £500 or so to make a staircase. Next I noticed there was no air-conditioning or heating.

When asked, he said he wanted a further £900 for it!

When we inquired about cancelling the contract, we were told that it was too late.

We went to a different lawyer who told us that it was a mistake on our side to have had the sale contract drawn up by the lawyers of the estate agency. We were also told that because of this, no other lawyer could act for us.

It is as if nobody wants to hear our plight in this matter. Amidst it all, my husband and I split up, due to the strain, both mentally and financially.

I am appealing for help as I just don’t know what to do or where to turn anymore.

Daphne MacLean,

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