Documentation Required for Cyprus Property Title Deeds

What documentation do I need to produce in order to get the Title Deeds please Nigel?


To get your Title Deeds, the District Lands’ Office require the following information:

  • A certified copy of the Council of Ministers’ permission to acquire the property or a Certificate of Permanent Residence issued by the District Administration Office (where required).
  • A completed Form N270 – ‘Declaration of Transfer of Immovable Property’.
  • The Title Deed of the property being transferred.
  • A completed Form N313.
  • Receipts confirming that the following fees, charges and taxes for the property have been paid:
    • Immovable Property Tax.
    • Town Tax.
    • Capital gains tax.
    • Estate Duty Tax.
    • Sewerage Board Tax.
    • Town rate.
    • Communal rate.

Plus they will require you to pay the Property Transfer Fees (best to take the cash).


Thanks Nigel,

What if it’s a newly built property requiring a new set of deeds rather than a transfer? We already have the Title Deeds for the land.


If you already have the Title Deeds to the land on which the property is built, it’s a completely different kettle of fish!

And the good news is that as you’ve already paid to have the ownership of the land registered in your name, there are no more Property Transfer Fees to pay.

Here’s how it works:

On completion of the construction work, the architect obtains a Certificate of Approval of Building from the District Administration.

Representatives from the District Administration visit and inspect the property. When satisfied that the work conforms to the permissions and permits, they will issue the Certificate.

Once the Certificate has been issued, the Registered Owner or their architect files an application at the District Lands’ Office to update the Title Deed. This application is submitted together with: Certificate of Registration (Title Deed) of the property. Building Permit with all plans and terms attached thereto. Certificate of Approval Building.

The District Lands’ Office issues an updated Title Deed reflecting the changes that have been made.