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Peyia lunacy

We are not whingeing Brits; our Cypriot neighbours have tried the Municipality, which seems to have no power, and the Citizen’s Line, which wasn’t helpful… Following the storms in October 2006 and their tragic consequences, the Peyia Municipality worked hard to ensure future storm water would run away harmlessly by laying drainage pipes and contouring […]

Are there no planning rules in Cyprus?

In recent months, I and other residents of Mytides Pyla, have expressed concerns at what appears to be either a blatant disregard for or the bending of planning regulations in respect of the proposed developments in Pyla. Since the beginning of 2007, we have witnessed a steady procession of potential purchasers looking to develop this […]

The difficult Cyprus property title deed route

So that you can appreciate the long and difficult way from the completion of a building, to the issue of the property title deeds, we hereby submit the procedure that it is required. For each step we hereby provide the legal requirement for the issue of a permit and the actual time taken. • Application […]

Cyprus Pound locks with Euro

On Tuesday 10th July, the Cyprus Pound was locked with the Euro and will be worth 0.585274 pounds. The EU Ministers agreed that Cyprus and Malta should adopt the currency as expected on 1 January 2008. The EU Ministers of Finance (ECOFIN) gave Cyprus and Malta the go-ahead to adopt the European single currency at […]

Cyprus Home Price Index up 1.72 percent in June

The index is published monthly by BuySell Cyprus Real Estate, a real estate advertiser. BuySell started to produce its price index in 2004. It shows the movement of prices at which residential properties in Cyprus are sold and is based on an average of around 400 to 500 home sales/month. When the index started in […]

Cyprus Building Permit Statistics: April 2007

Figures just released by the Cyprus Statistical Service show that the number of building permits authorized by the municipal authorities and the District Administration offices during April 2007 stood at 749. The total value of these permits reached CYP 139.5 million and the total area 324.5 thousand square metres. These building permits provide for the […]

Property Tax Here to Stay – Sarris

THE government turned down calls to slash property taxes amid findings that a staggering £241 m flowed into state coffers last year, a six-fold increase since 1998. “We say no to a review of our tax system on immovable property“, Finance Minister Michalis Sarris told reporters. Sarris said the 632% tax rise between 1998 and […]

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