Make a fast buck and damn the consequences

Scam AlertJust like an earlier letter writer (‘Are there no planning rules in Cyprus’) my wife and I own property in Pyla and we are amazed by the amount of development not just in this area but the surrounding areas.

Having read the letter by Mr McManus I have to say I whole heartily agree with his comments. The granting of planning permission should be a serious matter given careful consideration, but instead it seems to be given to developers without the slightest consideration to either environmental concerns or the impact of the development on those who live nearby.

I visited the Planning Office in Larnaca myself to ask about planning permission for land near my house and since this time my wife and I have received abuse from the landowner who even threatened to build right up to my property for apparently questioning his right to build.

In the past 12 months, eight houses have been built around mine, one developer who told us he had permission to build one bungalow on a small plot of land at the end of our street is now in the process of building three of the smallest two bedroom houses I have ever seen; if he has permission to do so is another matter as no one seems to check. It does appear that the only incentive to build is the need to make a fast buck regardless of the consequences.

W Barker,

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