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6th July 2022
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Another scam bites the dust?

Scam IconDISREPUTABLE Cyprus property developers extort ‘contract cancellation fees’ from buyers wishing to sell their property before Title Deeds have been issued in the buyers’ name.

I have personally heard from some buyers who have been charged as much as CYP 20,000 (€ 34,000) by these ‘crooks’ for the privilege of selling a property they have bought and paid for in full.

It was therefore refreshing for me to read the following article on page 8 of the March 2008 issue of the Grapevine magazine:

“There was shock amongst developers when, for the first time, Paphos District Court ordered a property company to reimburse a British couple monies they were obliged to pay when they sold a house without Title Deeds. The homeowners were never issued Title Deeds and when they decided to sell on their property, had to pay the developer thousands of Euros to be released from a contract to give them the right to make the re-sale.

The ruling could set a precedent for other similar cases.”

Hopefully, this ruling by the Paphos District Court (which was apparently not contested by the property developer concerned) will help put an end to this despicable practice in Paphos and throughout the rest of the island.

Unfortunately, the District Court’s ruling will be of little comfort to those who have already been forced into parting with thousands of Euros for the ‘privilege’ of selling their property. I suggest they seek legal advice with a view to suing the developers for the return of their money.


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