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Top 5 tips: Buy Cyprus property safely

Buying property is not a process to be rushed. You need time to research the market as a whole and your particular destination of choice.

Welcome to the property club Mr Clerides

IT SEEMS that 29,949 non-Cypriots are not the only ones waiting for Title Deeds to their property. It has been reported that former President of the Republic, Glafcos Clerides, is among the many thousands of Cypriot property buyers who have also been left twiddling their thumbs. Mr Clerides bought a holiday home at the Spyros […]

Buy-to-let apartment rental yields

BUY-TO-LET investors in Cyprus are feeling the sharp end of the property market slowdown. The global credit crunch, exchange rate issues and falling rental yields have left many in a difficult financial position. Yet many developers and overseas property marketing companies continue to promote the island as an ideal investment opportunity claiming that Cyprus has […]

Planning: amnesty & development proposals

WE understand that a bill concerning an amnesty for property owners who have committed urban planning violations will be submitted to the Cyprus Parliament before the end of the year. Speaking to Parliament, Interior MInister Neoclis Silikiotis said: “It’s not an issue of urban amnesty only, but it is about mortgages to banks or other […]

MacAnthony malpractice judgement by NFOPP

The tribunal were appalled to hear of the Company’s misleading business practices, including unfulfilled promises of guaranteed rental returns and misleading descriptions of the facilities that would be available to owners.

Is our home in Cyprus mortgaged?

We receive many letters from people who are concerned that their developer may have mortgaged the land on which their property has been built. Typical of those letters is the one below – together with my advice on how to discover whether or not your property has been built on mortgaged land.

Cluttons comes to Cyprus

Cluttons, the London based partnership of surveyors, has announced that it is extending its presence in the Mediterranean basin with an associated office in Athens. Cluttons Greece will oversee the markets of Greece and Cyprus and focus primarily on high-end residential properties. Robert Key, Managing Director of Cluttons Greece, commented: “Despite current global economic conditions, […]

Is the Cyprus property market frozen?

THE ONCE lucrative property market has come to a standstill as buyers, sellers and banks wait for the full effects of the global credit crunch to show, said property experts yesterday. According to Charalambos Petrides, Vice President of the Property Valuers’ Association, the credit crunch has come at a time when the property market is […]

Cyprus property trends: Does Google hold the key?

EARLIER today I was speaking with a journalist from one of the local newspapers. Needless to say, our conversation was on the subject of property, including the interest being shown by foreign buyers. As the earlier article “Cyprus property: should we fear a slump?” by Stefanos Evripidou reported, there are many conflicting views by various […]

Title Deed confusion for non-Cypriot property buyers

It’s been reported in the media that non-Cypriots trying to obtain the Title Deeds for their property are facing more confusion. According to the report, the Government has recently introduced a new set of rules, which makes the process even more difficult. We too were confused, and have looked a bit deeper into the situation. […]

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