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Title Deed delays affect 30,000 non-Cypriots

ACCORDING to figures released by the Cyprus Land Registry, nearly 30,000 non-Cypriots are waiting for the Title Deeds to their properties.

During the last three and a half years, 4,400 properties have been transferred to non-Cypriots while the transfers of a further 29,949 are still in the pipeline.

Added to the fact that a recent report concluded that sales to foreign buyers account for 3 out of every 10 properties sold in the past few years, there must be somewhere in the region of 100,000 properties in Cyprus waiting for their Title Deeds to be issued.

What causes the delays?

There are many causes for the delays in issuing Title Deeds:

Why is a Title Deed so important?

Without a Title Deed to a property:

(Some of the Title Deed scams practiced by Cyprus property developers were the subject of a damning documentary by Andrew Winter shown on UK TV in 2007. If you missed the program, watch an 8 minute clip below.)