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Title Deed trap and the emergence of self-help groups

The Politics of Homeownership and Title Deeds (1) We have been consistent in explaining, and drawing attention to the sorry state of affairs which exist regarding the matter of homeownership and the issue of title deeds. Recent developments in the field and concerns expressed from readers merit a return to this topic by taking a […]

Buyers and their odyssey: case studies

The Politics of Homeownership and Title Deeds (2) In last month’s issue of in In Touch we critically examined the historical, social and legal issues, outdated laws and legal contradictions and the collusion between the authorities, developers and vendors in general which have gradually let to the present sorry affair regarding “titleless” properties. The quest […]

Surviving the Property Jungle: A Safety Kit for Property Hunters

The Politics of Homeownership and Title Deeds (3) This final Part 3 of our articles on the property trap is about good practice. In the previous articles we explained the traps laid by others to catch purchasers and the problems the latter often experience as they fall into the traps. The present paper is about […]

Non-payment of communal charges

I live in a complex of apartments and after nine long and frustrating years we all got our Title Deeds last May. We took over responsibility for the administration and management of the apartments from our developer and our lawyer helped us set up a “Management Committee” to look after things. There are forty eight […]

Title Deeds: capital gains tax liability

AFTER 18 years we have just been advised that the Title Deeds for our house are now available. But I have just received a letter from the property developer saying that I have to contact previous owner about the tax. I don’t know where he’s living or if he’s even still alive as he went […]

Cyprus property fraud?

We bought a resale property in Cyprus near Ayia Napa just over a year ago with full Title Deeds and used an independent lawyer in Larnaca. Before we signed the contract, he told us that he’s checked things out with the Land Registry and everything was OK and after we’d signed the contract he lodged […]

Two accused of assaulting British property buyer released

TWO MEN involved in the alleged assault of British property buyer Conor O’Dwyer were released from custody yesterday, police said. Ayia Napa police chief George Economou said there had been no need to keep the pair in custody any longer. “There was no need to hold them any longer. They were released and when the […]

Tribal mentality undermines rule of law

POLITICIANS often boast that in Cyprus we have the rule of law. Generally speaking, this is not an idle claim, even though things are far from perfect when it comes to law enforcement and the small matter of equality before the law. In these respects, which are integrally linked to any notion of rule of […]

Property buyer recounts horror of Frenaros assault

“I CAN’T let my kids see me like this,” says Conor O’Dwyer, the British home buyer beaten up in Frenaros village last Monday, when asked whether he plans to return to the UK as soon as he leaves hospital. O’Dwyer was assaulted while gathering evidence for the two-year legal dispute he is in with his […]

Battling the Church for Title Deeds for 13 years

RESIDENTS of a Paphos development who have been waiting for Title Deeds to their properties for 13 years are still stuck in limbo with no end in sight to their saga. According to the owner of one of the properties of the Kitrikes Village Development in Armou, the Interior Ministry took the residents to court […]

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